Road and Drainage Materials



Corrugated Steel Pipe, Spiral Rib, Slotted Drain and Structural Plate

- Corrugated Steel Pipe

- Spiral Rib Steel Pipe

- Steel End Sections

- End Section Grates

- Round Bar Grates

- Structural Plate

- Water Control Gates

- Slotted Drain Pipe

Geotextile Fabric & Silt Fence

Jensen Bridge & Supply has specialized in steel culvert and drainage materials for decades and has been an MDOT approved supplier for many years. Whether you are in the market for a temporary solution to a drainage problem or something to last for the next 100 years, we have a solution for you. We manufacture corrugated steel pipe and spiral rib pipe in galvanized, aluminized type II or polymer coated steel and offer a variety of sizes ranging from 6" to 13' in diameter. For drainage requiring larger diameters or spans, we are also a distributor of steel or aluminum Structural Plate Pipe, Pipe Arches, and Box culverts that span up to 26' wide.


In addition to the culverts, we have a full line of accessories and a fabrication department able to customize fittings to your specifications. These materials include: steel end sections, safety slope end sections, end section grates for steel or concrete end sections, round bar grates, flap gates, manhole covers, and fabricated items such as tees, elbows, wyes, bevels, etc.


We also stock steel beam highway guard rail, geotextile construction fabric, silt fence, slotted drain pipe, campfire rings and window wells. Please see the links below for details and product specifications.

Campfire Rings & Window Wells
Steel Beam Highway Guard Rail